Solution Brief - Surveillance

AGNITIO's BS3 family forms a complete Surveillance Solution for the intelligence and military market ecosystem. It can be used to track specific targets on any battlefield. AGNITIO’s Surveillance Solution allows a modular and incremental deployment of all voice surveillance tasks, ensuring easy communication, smooth exchange of information, compatibility, and scalability.

Supported by AGNITIO’s market leading BS3 Core Engine, the Surveillance Solution uses AGNITIO’s proprietary and pioneering voice biometrics technology based on unique information extracted from an individual’s vocal tract, to obtain a high level of accuracy and reliability. Our voice biometrics technology is text, channel, and language independent. The Surveillance Solution is easy to integrate in all current platforms both in the command and control center and in the field. The different features and capabilities are designed to adapt the performance of the system to the specific requirements of each tier inside the signal Intelligence chain.