KIVOX 360 is an authentication server that provides the most advanced speaker authentication capabilities available in the market today. This Server, powered by AGNITIO Voice ID engines, enables mobile, web, desktop or IVR voice applications to verify the identity of your customers in a highly secure, automatic and effortless manner.
KIVOX 360 is optimized to work using a selected passphrase to create a unique biometric voiceprint that can later be used for authentication in any channel. One single enrolment can be used for all access channels.
The KIVOX 360 server can be connected to a Mobile App to provide Match on server Voice ID. When used in a Self Service (IVR) solution, KIVOX 360 helps customer service agents increase their efficiency by automating the authentication process.
KIVOX 360 offers a successful Identification rate of more than 99.5%, with a false acceptance rate of less than 0.1%. On top of this, with the use of AGNITIO’s proprietary patented anti-spoofing technology, KIVOX 360 detects up to 97% of replay attacks, as well as many other spoofing attacks such as cut-and-paste. The protection is achieved as part of the verification attempt, without the need for any additional steps such as liveness detection, that are very easy to spoof.