KIVOX Passive Detection

Designed for call-centers, KIVOX Passive Detection uses natural speech for caller identification. Previously recorded calls are used to create a Biometric Voice Prints (BVP). By comparing these BVPs with the voice in subsequent calls, a person’s identity can be verified in a fully transparent manner with no need of any active enrolment.

KIVOX Passive Detection can be used in a White list mode, to verify the ID of legitimate customers, or in a Black list mode to detect known Fraudsters in subsequent fraudulent calls. KIVOX Passive Detection is the Voice Biometrics engine inside the most successful Fraud detection solutions for Call centers. In White list mode, it enables your fraud or ID&V applications to implement passive authentication of your customers while they are speaking with an agent.

KIVOX Passive Detection is an API engine that provides 1:1 and 1:M Speaker Identification capabilities both in real time (streaming) and offline. KIVOX Passive Detection offers the advantage of being fully language independent, allowing deployments in multiple countries with the same engine.

The caller can accurately be automatically verified after only ten seconds of normal conversation. The agent receiving the call will know almost immediately if a caller is a known fraudster, a previous customer, or a new customer, without the inconvenience of tokens or multiple personal questions.