About Us

AGNITIO is a worldwide market leader for Voice ID products. AGNITIO’s Voice ID is used by Government organizations to prevent crime, identify criminals and provide evidence in court. AGNITIO has an extensive customer base including leading police, intelligence, military and other government organizations in over 40 countries. AGNITIO Voice ID Products are also used by a number of leading customers and partners in contact centers, financial services, telecommunications and enterprise security sectors.

Your Voice is unique. AGNITIO’s Speaker Recognition Engine is able to filter from the voice those unique characteristics that the vocal tract imprints in your voice’s sound waves. We extract the Voice ID and by doing so we can enable multiple solutions to identify who is speaking. Our partners use AGNITIO’s Voice ID engines to authenticate customers, identify fraudsters and provide a strong yet simple way to verify identity in multiple applications. AGNITIO’s Voice ID technology and products are protected by a family of patents that grows every year.

AGNITIO’s Voice ID is

Secure: it is continuously improved in the most demanding environments of government and forensic organizations worldwide and is highly accurate and practically impossible to cheat

Universal: it can be used by solutions in multiple situations, from criminal identification to caller authentication

Natural: there is nothing more natural than speaking, say anything in any language and AGNITIO’s products extract your Voice ID

AGNITIO was founded in 2004 as a spin-off from a leading university research group conducting speaker recognition research since 1994. AGNITIO has worked closely with police organizations around the world. The first technology renditions were co-developments with some of the world’s most reputable police forces. AGNITIO's strong background in government forensics paved the way for the company to launch KIVOX, a Voice ID product family targeted at the corporate sector. Financial services, telecommunications, utilities and other sectors are implementing new security solutions based on Voice Biometrics.

AGNITIO’s team is formed by world class experts in speaker recognition technologies, security IT products and marketing and experienced sales executives. AGNITIO's team collaborates with universities, research institutes and business partners from all over the world. 

AGNITIO is a private company funded by two VC groups: Nauta Capital and Elaia Partners. AGNITIO headquarters are in Madrid (Spain). AGNITIO Corp. is the US subsidiary, leading business development in USA and Canada with offices in Arlington VA.

AGNITIO follow quality management processes.