AGNITIO also works with end-user and customer organizations to consult and evaluate how Voice Biometrics can be applied to solve security issues and ease of use challenges, while delivering our technology and software through the appropriate partner and in the customer’s existing infrastructure.

AGNITIO’s customer base is extremely diverse, covering both Government and Commercial segments. We have worked with leading financial and security organizations from all over the globe.

  • In Criminal Identification and Surveillance markets, some of our key customers include the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Justice, the General Attorney Office PGR in Mexico, Guardia Civil in Spain, the French Ministère de L’Intérieur, KLPD in the Netherlands, NBI in Finland or the Royal Mounted Canadian Police.
  • In Bank and Financial Institutions markets, some of our prominent customers include Santander Bank, BBVA Bank, BNP Paribas.