Proof of Life

Helping Social Programs Deliver Value to the Right People

Delivering pensions and other social grants to the right people in emerging countries is not an easy task. A large part of the target population is the elderly who live in remote small villages with no local branches for secure payments. Benefits fraud is a common occurrence.

Payment companies offer electronic solutions using debit cards or similar payment methods for easy money transfer. These solutions reduce administration costs by distributing all grant payments electronically and improve security by using PCI standards and performing strong authentication. Biometrics are gaining popularity as an authentication method, and the use of biometrics can dramatically reduce fraud. In addition, these new systems are bringing the world of electronic financial services to a large population of people who were previously unable to take advantage of new technologies.

Integrators are looking for technologies that provide security and convenience for the beneficiaries. Travel to fingerprint sensor equipped locations where they must wait on long lines is a serious hardship for many senior citizens.


Why Voice ID?

AGNITIO Voice ID technology provides secure and convenient proof of life authentication and enables enrollment of beneficiaries in their own language. A periodic verification call is enough to receive the pension payment in their debit card or other banking instrument. The payment can be retrieved at any ATM when needed.

AGNITIO Voice ID is secure providing high level of accuracy and making impossible the use recordings to impersonate the beneficiary with its proprietary anti-spoofing technology. It is universal, because the elderly can authenticate from any phone available in the area. And it is natural, because just repeating a phrase in their native language is enough as a proof of life. KIVOX 360 is the right product to enable Voice ID authentication in electronic social grants payment solutions.